The Nihilist & The Pretender

Subversive, mesmerising and captivating, ‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’ will entice with its unorthodox sounds and entrancing melodies.

The Eaorpe Project

The last banquet is the story of an exiled soul, destined to live with the consequences of their own actions in solitude.  Wandering without purpose over a desolate landscape. “Since the collapse i have been wandering in and out, though my grip is a sticking point, on reality and other trivial conditions”.

Soul shield explores the outcast. A ‘soul shield’ is an emotionally defensive tool.  An object that we use to escape from the environment that surrounds us.  We use it at any cost, potentially missing moments of interaction that could be life changing. “I walk these streets, head down eyes averted.  Soul shield to find disconnection.”.