I need to preface this by saying this new material is some of the most positive and uplifting music that I’ve had a part in creating, but there are layers.

I never thought I’d have to re-live the trauma of my teenage years but a public vote on the validity of my relationship ensured I would. Over this period of time the full vulgarity of humanity was on display for all to see. I’d like to think I’ve kept hope in my lyrics, but it’s all in there. Mixed with a bit of escapism hitching a ride on a journey of self awareness. It lives in the words.

In the past, lyrically I’ve explored existentialism, on the last album ‘The Nihilist’ I shifted to a dystopian narative, and this time I wanted to shift the focus back to the present. The truth can be uncomfortable at times, but I’m a little tired of running.

Overall, I hope whoever listens can relate in someway to what we are creating and build their own narative.

This is a very one way conversation so far, not very social. Happy to answer questions, or at least try.