Beats & Rhythms

I was travelling in Japan for the first time, when it started. Inspired by the rhythms and sounds everywhere. Whether it was densly populated Tokyo, the wide open spaces on the island of Shikoku or the peaceful Shinto shrines and temples of the 88 temple walk, the space for creation was compelling. So I started sampling gongs, flowing water, slowly building a palette of sounds for beats. The sounds of the Yamanote train line in Tokyo, the rythms of the trains leaving a station, the welcome tones at Shinjuku, Harajuka, Shibuya stations, the Shinkansen leaving for Kyoto, the wind whispering through the rope bridges in the Iya Valley, the clicks and creaks of a bamboo forrest, the Hakone cable car, the ceremonial gongs and chants of Mt Koyosan, they would all become the basis of the beats and rhythms that form what will be No Body Died.

Never doubt the life that goes into this electronic music. Next time we’ll talk lyrics, until then, be better.