the nihilist & the pretender

ALBUM RELEASE: The Nihilist & The Pretender

nihilist (noun)
1. someone who rejects all theories of morality or religion.
2. an advocate of anarchism

pretender (noun)
1. one who simulates, pretends, or alleges falsely; a hypocrite or
2. one who sets forth a claim, especially a claimant to a throne

No Body Died was conceived during the cold, dreary London winter of 2010. Songwriters Jay Westfold and Declan Humphreys came together with an idea to push the boundaries of dream pop and shoe-gaze. This idea manifested over the years and has grown into the offering of a full length LP, ‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’.

On creating their debut album, Jay and Declan both adopted personas, alternating between one being The Nihilist, the other The Pretender. Two entities; functioning together. This provided No Body Died with a foundation for introducing characters with different personalities, intertwining throughout the music’s entirety – lyrically and melodically. The album is a collection of stories to be told, all with the same underlying theme: to live our lives without unnecessary worry or stress. Nowhere does this ideology shine through more than in title track ‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’.

‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’ is conceptualised as a ray of sunshine, beaming through an infinite darkness. Lyrically adopting an Alice in Wonderland leitmotif, the track urges the listener to offload the concerns of everyday being, and to appreciate what is taken for granted.

The album’s previously released singles ‘Arp’ and ‘Dschungel’ have already formed a solid grounding, the latter being recently added to triple j Unearthed rotation and receiving glowing reviews.

Subversive, mesmerising and captivating, ‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’ will entice with its unorthodox sounds and entrancing melodies.

Written, Performed and Recorded by No Body Died.
Mixed and Mastered by Jim (Subsea) Grundy.

Available to stream on all online streaming services such as spotify, to download from online stores such as itunes, or physical CD purchase and download from CD Baby.