New Video, New Single – Arp

it’s midday. Valerian is out searching.  she raises her flag in the faces of Death and the Executioner and dances like it’s the last day on earth.  fierce and beautiful all at once.  her flag bears the symbol for the sun.  not the same sun, burning not shining on everyone.  it’s a different world today.

directed, produced and edited by: no body died
colourist: Warren Eagles
featuring: Lisa Griffiths as Valerian

Arp is a rallying call. calling you to “refocus, repatriate, reveal yourself once again”. we appear to have lost our way, let’s be open, honest and more transparent, “you’ll never see the stars with your eyes on the ground”.

“Arp” is the lead single from the forthcoming EP from No Body Died.
Out March 2015, through Paper Street Co./Sony