soul shield remix

video: the last banquet


directed, produced and edited by: no body died

colourist: Warren Eagles

“The Last Banquet” is the debut single from the double A-Side from No Body Died.
Out Sept 1, 2014 through Paper Street Co./Sony

No Body Died’s debut release, The Eaorpe Project is based around the notion that the world we live in is no longer the same world that we were we were first born in to. The 2 tracks, lyrically and sonically, explore a post-apocalyptic landscape. The Last Banquet is the story of an exiled soul, destined to live with the consequences of their own actions in solitude. Wandering without purpose over a desolate landscape. “Since the collapse i have been wandering in and out, though my grip is a sticking point, on reality and other trivial conditions.”