music on the radio

music on the radio

without going as far as asking for your first born child, we do have a favour to ask. please bombard Triple J on 0439 757 555 with text messages requesting to hear our song played on the radio. your text could go something like this,

“It would be simply ace to hear ‘no body died’ and their song ‘the last banquet’ played on Triple J, thanks xxx”

if you are in Sydney you can harass FBi by texting 0409 945 945 with a message like this,

“It would totally rock my world if you played a song called ‘the last banquet’ by ‘no body died’, they’re kind of new but really fit and awesome.”

if you are in Melbourne, then make it your life goal to get an AVO from Triple R by emailing something like this,

“please play ‘the last banquet’ by ‘no body died’, they have my children and won’t return them until you do are amazing.”

you have the power at your fingertips people. hit the share button, spread the love.