a warm welcome

much is happening in this world.  it is no longer the same world that we were first born in to.

recently i have been joined on this journey by a fellow survivor and i would like to take a moment to introduce the ever talented Declan Humphreys to anyone out there who may be reading.  not dependant anymore, eyes wide all fat and useless.

we shall continue in our efforts to create something musical that is beautiful with truth that cuts the flesh far too easily.  and it is all truth.  you see, since the collapse i have been wandering in and out, though my grip is a sticking point, on reality and other trivial conditions.  it is nice to have company down this long isolated road, over one thousand highway km’s away from love, comfort and security.

there is new music on the horizon.

we will rendezvous at 18:00 in Armidale, New South Wales in Australia, on 26 December 2013.  if any other survivors are reading this, email info@nobodydied.net for the coordinates.

may Ra shine on you.