the last banquet

reach for the door
but my hand is already there
seconds before i was outside of myself
getting behind the second hand
dragging this collection of empty shells up a wind swept dune
with no sense of purpose
and no real destination
just this lingering urge to keep on moving

just yesterday i was serving up hors d’oeuvres
now here on the main
you can’t pretend you never saw it coming

i was looking for a way out
and you were protecting what was ultimately right
after all i was the one who brought us here
i’m suppressing the image a scene sureal
all menace and seduction
i was looking for a way out

since the collapse of humanity
i have been wandering in and out
though my grip is a sticking point
on reality and other trivial conditions
i cannot comment i still have my empty shells my home away from home
for i will not return to that place
the last banquet had just begun