Like to play games do you
Like to flirt with blatant disregard
No touch just skip around the pot
Throw in turtle toes and lizard bones
Cackling crazy you’re crazy
Wasting all that life
Every little thing you fought for
Why won’t you believe in you
Sweet heart be the light
And lead the dark on through

Let us consider the present state of mind and bodily function
Let us evaluate the tone
It is a dull pale grey tainted by procrastination
It emanates a subtle scent of surrender
Try to think back to a time when you were bursting
With the colour only emotion can bleed
Now focus on the source of all the shadow
That is absorbing all the colour that you see
It is a far cry from Hades in extremis
And a long way from the end of existence
The source of it all is you
Take back control
You are the sun
Break through