No Body Died are an electronic duo conceived in London during the winter of 2010. Both emotive & driving, their music spans the genres of indie dance, synth-wave, industrial and atmospheric post-rock whilst retaining compelling pop sensibilities.

Songwriters Jay Westfold and Declan Humphreys create dreamy and emotive pop, turning the tables on conventional dreampop & shoegaze to forge their own sound that is more looking-up than looking-down.

After releasing double a-side ‘The Eaorpe Project’ in 2014 including the soaring single ‘The Last Banquet’, No Body Died toured the East Coast with their ever-evolving brand of pop. In 2016 they released their debut album ‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’ spawning the singles ‘Dshungel’, ‘Arp’ and ‘Not Now, Not Ever Again’.

The band returned to the studio at the end of 2016 to work on their follow up. Two years in the making, working with Oslo based producer Mark Axiak, No Body Died are back soon with new music.

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